1111 Punks
#1 Collection on Cronos

The punks have travelled through out the metaverse and have finally arrived to Cronos. Now you can collect over 1111 punks each with their unique attributes and styles.


Augmented Reality
Experience your CroPunks immersed in AR/VR. Our Augmented Reality app will bring the Cronoverse to life and thus providing a real utility to CroPunks. Only Cropunks holder will be able to use our AR/VR App.
After the launch and airdrop of our token on the Cronos blockchain, we wiill open a staking pool for Cropunks holders to stake their NFTs and earn yield. This provides long term utility and helps increase demand for Cropunks beyond initial mint.
NFT Marketplace
Trading and auctioning are necessary for any NFT collection to grow and prosper. Our NFT Marketplace will be used to trade punks in a fast and secure manner. The royalties collected from the trades will be distributed among Cropunks holders and stakers.
Tamagotchi Game
Our vision for CroPunks is a Tamagotchi game that makes your Cropunk the ingame avatar. You will be able to find treasures and other accesories for costumizing your Punks scattered throughout the game.
PUNK Token
Max Supply: 100B
Tax: 0%
CA: 0x2b25da9178223133abA27019a2Ee82AB14cdAe54
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